AMPlayer APK Download for Movie HD

What is AMPlayer?

AMPlayer for Android is the leading free Multimedia player for the Android operating system which allows you to watch all popular video formats on your phone or tablet. In this post, we are sharing download links of AMPlayer Apk.

AMPlayer uses hardware acceleration for faster and smoother HD playback with unparalleled ease and comfort.

AMPlayer is also required by Movie HD App to Stream Movies and Tv Shows.

AMPlayer Apk Download


AMPlayer APK - 7.9

AMPlayer APK - 7.4

Latest AMPlayer Apk (Play Store)

Currently, there is no premium or Paid version is available for the users.


AMPlayer download for android

AMPlayer download free

AMPlayer pro apk

AMPlayer movies online

156 thoughts on “AMPlayer APK Download for Movie HD”

    1. I have tablet androids 7.1.1
      My problem is moviehd using amplayer to run the video file. But my androids tell that amplayer can’t play the video..

  1. How to download the latest amplayer:
    1. Download aptoidetv app
    2. Delete previous amplayer app from your device
    3. Open aptoidetv
    4. From MY APPS search amplayer
    5. Then press “INSTALL”
    6. And you can try to play a movie from moviehd
    7. Your welcome :))

    1. I still get the same message asking me to update my AMPlayer even though I’ve downloaded and installed it (v7.9). Any other ideas or suggestions?

      1. You have to have a certain video player, when I had Movie HD, IT SENT ME TO Google play store to download the correct video app. I was was very thankful for this, as this movie APK DID NOT SEEM TO USE UP OR OVERHEAT MY TABLET.

      2. I had the same issue. I uninstalled AMPlayer and try to load a movie. From the videos tab i chosed one of the drives available and then the apps say that i need amplayer. Clicked on amplayer which took me to playstore and installed it from there. Now videos are working 🙂 hope it helps

  2. AMPlayer latest version 7.9 doesn’t work on Mi TV 4x (Android 9.0). MovieHD keeps prompting to install latest AMPlayer but it shows as incompatible in PlayStore and the sideloaded one does not work.

  3. Playing any video in Movie HD prompts AMPlayer to be updated. No option to update though in Playstore. Says no longer compatible with my device (Xiaomi MiBox). I hope this gets resolved 🙁

  4. Since the update the AM player download feature refuses to work. AllCast for my Roku needs mp4 format in order to work. Adm download does a web format doesn’t work. Need AM to patch up the errors or need a work around.

  5. Keeps asking to update amplayer. I did update and even updated the moviehd apk. However, whenever I try to play a movie or tv series, it still keeps asking to update amplayer.

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