AMPlayer APK Download for Movie HD

What is AMPlayer?

AMPlayer for Android is the leading free Multimedia player for the Android operating system which allows you to watch all popular video formats on your phone or tablet. In this post, we are sharing download links of AMPlayer Apk.

AMPlayer uses hardware acceleration for faster and smoother HD playback with unparalleled ease and comfort.

AMPlayer is also required by Movie HD App to Stream Movies and Tv Shows.

AMPlayer Apk Download


AMPlayer APK - 2.4.5

Latest AMPlayer Apk (Play Store)

Currently, there is no premium or Paid version is available for the users.


AMPlayer download for android

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AMPlayer pro apk

AMPlayer movies online

215 thoughts on “AMPlayer APK Download for Movie HD”

  1. If you have downloader installed just download am player as you did the movie HD app.. install then delete app.. when you play a movie it will automatically detect am player

  2. Hi more than enough internet but sound is distorting when i watch movies or series.
    Can you help fix this very annoying

  3. I’m having same problems playing videos, keep being prompted to install AM Player even though I have it installed.
    I have tried many different versions on AM Player but still not working. Anyone figured this out yet ?

  4. Not solve or no luck still saying “Device is Not Compatible With This Version” better not use MovieHD it only give head ache and no peace of mind most of all, wasting time.

    1. Me too. Bn using Movie HD for a year now, love the app and so far never had problems. But AM player is a now a nightmare. Want to continue using the app but it doesnt help if the player isn’t compatible.

      1. I’m having the same problems , but it’s only on tablets or my chromebook that I purchased in the past year . anything older than a year the download goes right through . I just downloaded moviehd on my three year old phone and on my sylvania tablet dvd player from Christmas 2019 . they shut showbox down and now it appears the only way they can stop the free movie apps is to make the new devices download proof if it’s not coming from Google’s play store . the built site on your Android is the only other option to get around the download problem . purchased a new walmart ONN Gen 2 tablet Friday just to see if I could download moviehd and had the same problems being discussed so I took it back to today 😆 .

  5. First of all thank you for the app. I’ve managed to install Movie HD on my android TV and it work smooth but i cant play any video as it require to install AMPlayer. Soo I got some problem that need your assistance.

    1. Even though i have installed AMPlayer APK, it still prompt that there are no AMPlayer installed.

    2. Is there any alternative player that can be use ?

    Greatly appreciate if you can reply soon.

  6. Will AMPlayer provide 5.1 surround sound for Movie HD via an Amazon Firestick ? If so HOW? I cannot get any sort of surround sound through it. THANKS

  7. When installing the latest version of the AMPlayer it asks what device to install it on and my laptop does not show as an option. How do I install/run the latest version of AMPlayer on YouWave through my laptop directly if Google playstore does not give me the option to install on it?

  8. Domesticated Caveman

    Same here, I got the latest AMPlayer APK and Movie HD version but the movie app is saying that I need to install the latest AMPlayer. Google Play Store says AMPlayer is not compatible with my device.

    1. Every time I attempt to watch anything, it’s saying I need to update AMPlayer APK, yet I have the newest version (with no more updates available).

      1. If you downloaded the apk through the link, try uninstalling and reinstall through the play store to get the most current version

      2. Jason Lee Jackson

        Hi everyone I got movie HD saying and redirects me to play store to download AMplayer then it says not compatible with device. My device is running android 4..4.2 ,,is there any other movie player I can use at all.
        Or will I need to up grade to a better android operating system

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