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What is Movie HD App?

HD Movies - Movie HD App

Movie HD App is an incredible Movies and TV Shows streaming App designed and developed for users worldwide. It is fast and easy to use.

This App allows its users to Watch and Download their favorite Movies and TV Shows on Android, iPhone, PC, and Chromecast devices. Stream TV Shows like Breaking Bad, Narcos, The Flash, and more.

In this article, We will discuss the Movie HD App in-depth and give all the links, such as the app download link for Android, iPhone, PC, and more devices.

Features –

  1. Watch and Download Unlimited Movies and Tv Shows
  2. Movies Categorized by Genre
  3. Add to Favourites to Watch Later
  4. Updated Daily
  5. 3D Movies
  6. No Registration is required to use the App.

Movie HD APP Download

Movie HD Apk Download for Android

Android is the most popular OS because of its ease to use and many Apps available on the Google play store.

This makes it difficult for Android users to download the Movie HD App and enjoy excellent content. Since it’s not available anywhere else, you can DOWNLOAD MOVIE HD APK from here.

Movie HD for iPhone

Like Android, Movie HD is also unavailable in Apple’s app store. With our trick, iPhone/IOS Users can also enjoy this app on their devices.


Movie HD is no longer available for iPhone and other iOS Devices. Please use Movie HD on your Smart TV / Tablet / Phone based on Android OS.

Movie HD for PC

Don’t have an Android device? Or want to enjoy Movies on a bigger screen? No problem; we have created a step-by-step tutorial for you. Follow this tutorial Movie HD for PC – Windows and Mac.

Movie HD for Smart TV

As Movie HD is an Android App, you can use it on any device which runs on Android. Most of the Smart TVs run on Android OS. This also means that if your Smart TV doesn’t run on Android, you can’t install Movie HD on it.

Just like you have seen on Android Smart Phones, manufacturers might customize the Android OS, which means the installation steps might change.

There are thousands of Smart TVs; I can’t create an installation guide for all devices; therefore, I will share the steps that will work on almost all Smart TVs. If you have FireTV/Stick/Cube check the dedicated installation guide, we have also created an installation guide for Chrome Cast.

That being said, let’s start.

  1. The first step is to Download Movie HD APK.
  2. Google “How to install third-party apps on COMPANY Smart Tv.” For example, if you have a Samsung Smart TV, you will google “How to install third-party apps on Samsung Smart Tv.”
  3. The guide you follow will be for some other app; instead of that app, choose Movie HD APK during the installation procedure.

If you could not install Movie HD on your Smart TV? Well, now is the time to call your Techie Friend for help.

How to Stream Movies to Chromecast?

  1. Download either Allcast or Localcast from the Google Play store.
  2. Open the app and download the movie/TV show you would like to cast.
  3. After Download is complete Open Allcast or Localcast
  4. Select the media that you downloaded from @Step-3.
  5. Streaming Begins!

How to use the Movie HD App?

Not sure about how to use this app? Or facing any problems? No problem. We are covering this topic in addition to this article. We will explain the basics of using this app and how to use all the features.

How to Watch or Download Movies and TV Shows?

  1. Download the APK if you haven’t already.
  2. On your Android device, Go to SETTINGS > SECURITY > CHECK UNKNOWN SOURCES.
  3. Now Install the app that you downloaded in Step 1.
  4. Now Download AMPlayer. [(Important) This app is also developed by the developers of Movie HD.
    Without this app, you cannot download or watch anything on Movie HD.]
  5. Run Movie HD APP and choose the Movie or TV show you want to watch.
  6. Click on the Videos tab, select the Quality that you want to Stream or Download, and Click the “Play” button.
  7. Streaming will begin in AMPlayer.

How to Download Movies?

  1. Browse to a movie that you would like to download.
  2. Click on the “Videos” tab.
  3. Select the Video Quality and play the movie.
  4. Click the Download button in the top right corner.

How to add movies to your Favorites?

First, doing this is easy and convenient for you if you watch any TV shows. Follow the steps

  1. Select the Movie or TV show you want to add to your favorites.
  2. Click on the Star icon in the top right corner.
  3. It will be added to your Favourites list.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I watch HD Movies?

You can use the Movie HD App to stream HD Movies and TV Series. Movie HD runs on Android, PC, Chromecast, SmartTV, Android Box, FireStick/TV/Cube, and any other Android device.

Can I download HD Movies with Movie HD?

Yes, you can download HD movies with Movie HD APP.

How many movies can I watch?

Movie HD’s Library is growing daily, and presently there are 100,000+ Movies and TV Series for you to watch.

How often is Movie HD updated?

Movie HD is updated almost every day; as soon new Movie/TV Series is available, it is pushed to the app.

Wrapping UP,

In this post, we discussed Movie HD App downloads on various Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

We also covered some basic queries and aspects of the app. We hope you liked the post, and stay tuned for more informative articles and updates.

Do comment if you need any help. Thanks

1,397 thoughts on “MOVIE HD APP Download – For Android, PC, iPhone”

  1. Subtitle issue Additional note…

    I mentioned before if you could add to the subtitle settings a way of positioning the subtitles. Here is more information..
    While the video is playing, if you click anywhere in the middle of the screen, the player comes out of ‘full screen’ and you get to see a progress bar at bottom & play/pause/back/forward button, with the video title at top…
    In this playing state, you can clearly see both lines of the subtitles…
    But after play is allowed to continue, a few seconds later, it swaps to full screen, at that point the 2nd row of subtitles drops below the bottom of the screen.
    And, with films like “Das Boot” that’s 3.5 Hours long, it gets a bit tedious constantly clicking in the middle of the screen to bring the player out of full screen mode.
    I have tried clicking on top right icon (looks like ‘lined paper’ to get the video to swap over to AMPlayer, but after a few seconds it says, “Can’t play video”…

    Please help

    Thank you

  2. FAO: Movie HD developers..

    Could you ‘tweak’ the subtitles settings to include positioning of subtitles? I have tried different subtitle font sizes, but still find some subtitles don’t show (the subs position being too low on the screen) so I presume the second line (when an actor says a long line we only get partial subs). I have also tried different srt files…

    Also, loving the additions of older/classic movies (please keep it up), also also 😏 movie recommendations
    Deuce Bigalow 1 and 2? 🤔😊😎🇬🇧

  3. While the movie is playing, or, just as the logos/titles are starting, click in the middle of the screen, then you’ll see what looks like a ‘screen icon’ in the bottom right pop up. Click that, and then click “Search Subtitles Online”, click on and done. IF it doesn’t show correctly, do the same, and click a different “*.srt” file…

  4. Hi movie
    Hd the sound and voices seem to be off by a second on the apps do you know what’s causing this if so how can I fix it thankyou

    1. @JOE – Do you find that happens after you’ve scrolled quite a way down? I would say that could be a cache overflow error or something like that, it can only list so many before it runs out of cache. Try adjusting your search perameters, or, search for film/series title individually.
      Note .. I have found you can search a Decades worth of stuff by entering 199 (for 1990), or 197 (for 1970) or films by year with searching 1998 etc

  5. This is a good app for watching movies, but you’re missing some good shows and movies. Lile Gumball, Eternals, Encanto.. If you add these I’ll be satisfied and finally stop looking for other apps!

  6. this is a very nice app but not all of the movies or playing what is the cause of it.
    mi nh know a wa the problem is but com nu man fix the cause nu man plz.

    1. While the movie is playing, or, just as the logos/titles are starting, click in the middle of the screen, then you’ll see what looks like a ‘screen icon’ in the bottom right pop up. Click that, and then click “Search Subtitles Online”, click on and done. IF it doesn’t show correctly, do the same, and click a different “*.srt” file…

  7. TheDarkKnight1971


    Great App, naturally, it HAS improved with less hangs and crashes, though a recent update wiped out my entire ‘Favourites’ section, so, had to restart adding to it for future film/series to watch..

    Two things…

    One – Is this App sponsored by Hallmark films? Jeez there’s a heck of a lot being brought up on this app (and dammit if most don’t have the same or similar premise of X goes back to their hometown and hey presto over some weird storyline… Finds love…) 😒
    Hallmark seem to churn out films daily!

    Two – Is there a way to suggest films or series to this app, like some old classic films, or, other newer ones that have been missed.
    I mean the likes of:-
    My Fair Lady – 1964
    The King and I – 1956
    Hans Christian Andersen – 1952
    What about classic series like:-
    3rd Rock From The Sun
    Quantum Leap (that is a HELL of a series)

    I could go on, but, like I said, is there an email address to send suggestions, or, do you ‘pick up’ suggestions any time someone uses the Search box in the app itself?

    If we, you as app developer/developers and us the user’s could improve the selection by including truly great films and shows/series then this app would go from great to amazing.
    And if we could just ease off the input of Hallmark films a little as each time I load the app (pretty much once a day) there’s at least another 2 or 3 Hallmark films in ‘recently added’, I wouldn’t be surprised if ratio wise we’re at 50% Hallmark and 50% Everything else! Hahaha 😋

    1. Many ppl want English films for learning. I would like to suggest a Finnish Christmas film, myself! “Rare Exports” 2010

    2. I agree with everything you have said. Hopefully the devs see this. (ALSO ENCANTO, ETERNALS, THE AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL PLEASE!)

  8. Hi there,

    love the app, but why do some of the series don’t play. for example Ray Donovan series 5 episode 5 and 6?

    Why don’t you have the Nashville series.

    Have a good day and keep up the great work.

    Kind regards Matthew

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