How to get Movie HD Activation Code

Movie HD is the best App for Watching Movies and TV Shows.

Movie HD works on multiple platforms such as Android, Windows, and Mac, IOS, Chrome Cast, Android Box, and Amazon Fire TV Stick.

movie hd activation code

Why Activation Code?

You might have noticed that previously no signup or anything similar was required to use Movie HD, but because of this, the contents of Movie HD were being stolen.

Movie HD servers resources were being used by competitors, resulting in servers’ downtime, which stopped entertainment for our users.

To stop unauthorized people from stealing the content, of Movie HD team had to do something.

They came with Sign in using Google Account for Android devices and Activation code for other Devices.

This activation code protects Movie HD from unauthorized users and keeps the app off from the wrong people.

You will get a No Connection Error in the Videos Tab If you have not added the Activation code in Movie HD.

movie hd no connection

Do you need an Activation Code?

You can use Movie HD by either signing into your google account or with an Activation Code.

You need an activation code to run Movie HD without signing in to your google account.

How to get Movie HD Activation Code?

This is a straightforward task. There are two ways in which you can grab an Activation Code-

Method 1: Using Facebook

All you have to do is follow three easy steps below to get Movie HD Activation Code-

  1. Sign in to your Facebook account.
  2. Send a message to the Movie HD Facebook page asking for an activation code.
  3. You will get your Unique activation code from the Movie HD Facebook page within 24hrs max(I got mine in less than a minute). Use that code to Sign in to Movie HD and Enjoy.

Method 2: Using Email

Send an Email asking for Activation Code to the following Email address Movie HD Team will reply to Email with an Activation Code within 24hrs(max).

Don’t have a Facebook Account?

One of our beloved users did not have a Facebook account. Please use the Email method to get an Activation Code for your device.

Don’t have Email?

Sorry, but we don’t provide the Activation code to Homo sapiens. 😛

View/Change/Update Activation Code

To manage the Movie HD activation code, click on the Hamburger Menu icon in the top right corner and choose the “Activation Code.”

Wrapping Up-

So this was my guide on how you can get Movie HD Activation code for fire tv stick, android box, and other Devices.

If you are facing any issue with Movie HD, drop your comment in the comment section below. See you

769 thoughts on “How to get Movie HD Activation Code”

  1. Hi
    Think it’s because on last update that you needed a activation code
    Which its good but some don’t have acc with some service providers
    Example Facebook

    Stay free 👍😷

  2. Did anyone find a solution to the AMPlayer download error yet?

    Please share if you are able to download the latest version of a AMPlayer.

  3. Hi the app is currently asking me to download the latest AM Player, currently using the version on your website, however it’s still not working.


  4. Lori stephans

    Im not able to download movie hd app keeps saying connection error please tell me what I need to do to fix this
    Thank you Lori

  5. Does an account expire after some time as I have been using mine for two years and now it keeps saying can’t play this video.Before when it would that would happen I would just uninstall and reinstall then it would be up and running buy this time around its not working,please help its an awesome app when its running though.

  6. I get a no connection error on my newly installed app. The wifi connection is fine, and i received a activation code, but where do i i sert the code? I dont see the hamburger menu icon you mentioned. Please help.

    1. I got the activation code and entered it. I have AMplayer installed. When I try opening a movie it says can’t play.

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