Movie HD for PC Windows, Mac – Watch Movies and TV Shows

Movie HD is a great app to watch latest Movies and TV shows, but unfortunately, it is only being developed in for Android and iPhone.

In this article, we are going to share Movie HD for PC so that users can enjoy Movie HD on their Windows PC, MacBook AIR, MINI, PRO devices.

I guess that you are a great fan of movies and you loved to watch all the new latest movies on your Android mobile/tablet. The best app that can satisfy you is Movie HD.

Movie HD for PC

This App is more similar to the apps like Show Box, Play Box, Cartoon HD, and Popcorn Time. But compared to all other apps, Movie HD has fewer installation problems and server connection problems.

In this article, we are going to use android emulators for MAC and run Movie HD APK. These emulators can run any android apk file and are very powerful.

Users can also use these emulators to run other apps. The installation process is quite simple.


Method 1 – Using Youwave

  1. Download Youwave.
  2. After Download is completed run and install Youwave for Windows.Movie HD for PC - Youwave
  3. Download Movie HD App and VPlayer APK.
  4. Navigate to FILES tab in youwave then PATH TO APPS and then select the folder in which you have downloaded Movie HD Apk and VPlayer apk.
  5. Movie HD and VPlayer icons will be visible.
  6. Now open Movie HD App and VPlayer one by one and close. Doing this will install Movie HD App and Vplayer in Youwave.
  7. In Youwave click on Apps Drawer icon in the top right corner.Movie HD for PC - Youwave
  8. Run Movie HD APP select show that you want to watch.Streaming will begin in Vplayer.

Method 2 – Using Bluestacks

  1. Download Bluestacks and install Bluestacks app player.
    Movie HD for PC - Bluestacks
  2. Download Movie HD and VPlayer Apk.
  3. In Bluestacks click on apk icon in the left sidebar and install Movie HD APK and VPlayer APK.
  4. After Bluestacks finishes installing MovieHD and VPlayer Apk go to app drawer and Run Movie HD.
  5. Select the show that you want to Watch and streaming will begin.Movie HD for PC - Bluestacks

Youwave and Bluestacks can only installed on Windows guest machines and not on host Machines. Please do not install Youwave and Bluestacks on host Machines.


Bluestacks is very popular and is used by a wide number of people around the world. It is available for Windows and as well as for MAC.

  1. Download Bluestack App Player for Mac from here and install.
  2. Download Movie HD and Vplayer.
  3. Sign in Bluestacks with your Google account.
  4. Install the Movie HD apk and Vplayer apk that you downloaded in Step#2.
  5. Run Movie HD App and start streaming your favorite Movies and TVshows.


How to transfer Movies from Youwave to PC?

  1. Open Youwave > Open Manager App.
  2. Go to downloads tab and select the file you and move it to sdcard\c\ folder.
  3. In your PC the shared folder can be found at C:\Users\public\

Users can follow steps in vice versa to Move files from PC to Youwave.

How to transfer Movies from Bluestacks to PC?

  1. Run Bluestacks and download EsFile manager however you can use any File Manager.
  2. Select the Files and move to Windows > BST shared Folder to copy your files.
  3. You can find BST shared folder in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\Sharefolder (This location depends on the installation path you selected at the time of Bluestacks installation).

Follow the steps in vice versa to Move files from PC to Bluestacks.


This was a quick guide for Movie HD for PC. This method works for everyone and can be used many times. Stay tuned and Share article with friends.

65 thoughts on “Movie HD for PC Windows, Mac – Watch Movies and TV Shows”

  1. I have done everything as instructed and received the code via facebook messenger. However, every movie is still saying that it cannot be played. Please advise.

  2. okay so i downloaded everything and i put my gmail in as well as the activation code but it still says no connection. what do i do to make it work?

  3. Hi, just downloaded this to my laptop exactly as the instruction say but eveery time i click on a movie to watch it say’s “cannot play this movie”. Can somebody please tell me what the problem could be?


  4. Hi I have followed all the instructions and installed V player and Movies HD on you wave. It is showing on you wave but when I try to play a movies, it is asking me to install AMplayer. Please advise. Did I make a mistake?

    1. they changed it to amplayer its pretty much the same thing just download it your fine it will like a normal player i promise i have it installed on my phones for a year now and its working just fineSer

      1. I downloaded movies HD on PC following their youware method. When I tried to download it, it is only giving option for phones.

  5. Hi I have followed instructions from PC version. It keeps prompting me for MovieHD Active code. Clicked Get code and it directed me to facebook..what do i do next?

    When I click the videos tab, it says no connection. Please help as i love MovieHD mobile version, but wanna watch series on my PC..thanks!

  6. Hi there,
    Need to clarify before I install. Is bare metal machines considered host machines? I’m not installing youwave or bluestacks on my bare metal machine if it is. And I think I don’t want to reconfigure my PC to be a host and guest machines just to install this. I’ll just enjoy Movies HD on my android and just stream it to the TV. Why I am asking is lately there are good TV series that are coming out with foreign languages and Movies HD does not have subtitles for them. Also there is no option to add subtitles for them if we download them separately. Am I missing something because I searched in the app and found nothing about subtitles. Please guide me if there is an existing function which I missed or if there is a way to do this. Thanks

    1. Answered my own 1st question on the bare metal machine after some research which leaves the 2nd one still open. Subtitles.

  7. I have downloaded and installed Bluestacks, VP Player and the Movie HD app. However when I select a movie and play, it won’t play. I am using a desktop computer, windows 7 and google chrome.
    When I select the movie, the title appears on the next screen, with two headings: information & videos. When I select videos, the tiles is displayed, year, [720p][WEB-DL][FULL]
    When I double click on that, two options are displayed: GVideo 720p (Server 3) and GVideo 360p (Server 3) with the word “Play” in the lower right corner.
    When I select and click on the 1st option, an Amazon Prime Video screen apears but I can hear the audio of the movie selected, no visual.
    Can you tell me why the movie won’t play.
    Thank you.

      1. the amazon prime video page is only an Ad, look for a small x on corner of the screen, click on it and your back to watching movie, its the same thing that happens on android etc, works for me and others i’ve recommended this app to

    1. Hii Geoff,

      First of all please make sure that you have installed Graphics Drivers for your PC.

      1. Uninstall Movie HD and Vplayer From Blue Stacks
      2. Download this Movie HD APK (This version of apk does not require Vplayer APK to stream movies.)

      Do let me know the Results, Cheers

  8. Clarence V. Whitlock

    Thanks you, I always used to download movies from torrents and its hard to find good torrents. Your tricks and Movie HD App works flawless. Thanks Again.

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