FIX Movie HD No Connection Retry Error

Movie HD is a great app to watch movies and tv shows.

Its regularly updated content makes it the best on the market, but nothing is perfect. The same is with Movie HD. People face a common problem called No Connection Error.

What is Movie HD No connection Error?

Movie HD No Connection Error is commonly faced by users in Movie HD APP, Sky HD App, and Mega Box App. This error keeps the users away from enjoying their favorite Movies and Tv Shows.

Lots of users are facing no connection error on Movie HD/Sky HD and Megabox. The method used in this post can also be used to solve Sky HD no connection error and MegaBox no connection error.

Movie HD No Connection Error

How to fix No Connection Retry Error?

I decided to hunt for a solution. While I was trying to find the solution, I came across lots of articles by different authors, but they all wrote about the same fix. Using MFT installer to fix that issue. But that is just fake; it does not work at all.

Movie HD No Connection Retry Error cannot be fixed in any way by Using the MFT installer because it’s actually the server problem of Movie HD/Sky HD, not your phone.

So now, you know that the problem is not with your phone, but instead, it is with the server of Movie HD App/Sky HD App. Anyone who has a little knowledge about how the internet works will relate to this.

Sometimes, it could be a problem with your phone; I am talking about network problems here.

So here’s how you could do so,

Check the Internet connection of your device

Make Sure that you are connected to the internet. Wondering How? If you just faced this issue and thought to google about it and came across this article, your internet is probably working fine.

However, you want to make sure that again by randomly typing anything in google, if Google gets you the results, the internet is working fine on your device.

If you are using cellular data in your phone to connect to the internet or Wifi in both cases, I would suggest you turn off cellular data or Wifi and turn it on the back again after some time, say 10 sec.

Could not make the internet work?

No problem, If you are on cellular data, I would suggest you restart your phone, and if you are on Wifi I suggest you restart the Wifi Router. This has worked in most of the cases.

If restarting your phone or modem has not solved the problem, I suggest you directly take help from the Cellular/Broadband network.

Are you using the latest version of the Movie HD APP?

Movie HD Shows for available updates in the app itself whenever it is available. The old version of Movie HD fires No connection retry error Commonly. You can download the Latest Movie HD APK from here and check if it has solved the problem.

Did you Sign in to your Google Account?

Now Movie HD requires you to sign in with a google account. I know this isn’t good, but it is not in my hands. You will get a No Connection Error in the Videos Tab of any Movie or Tv Show if you have not Signed in. This Problem has started from the Movie HD apk V4.7.3.

Last Solution

If your device has a working internet connection and you are using the latest version of the Movie HD App, you can not solve the Movie HD No Connection Retry Error problem in any other way.

Its definitely Movie HD App server is down. Wait for the server to start functioning again.

Wrapping Up,

So in this article, I shared all the Methods in which you can fix Movie HD No connection error. These methods can also be used to solve Sky HD No connection error and Mega Box No connection error.

Comment Below if it still did not solve your problem. Peace!

179 thoughts on “FIX Movie HD No Connection Retry Error”

  1. Jeremy Blinman

    Hi when I press play on a movie it is flicking straight back to the movie listing menu on firestick
    I’ve deleted the app and installed also the payer. Also set the fire TV stick back to factory settings it’s still not working any help will be appreciated

  2. I am using mi box with andriod 9. movie starts well after a 5 to y min sounds starts lagging…. Tell me what to do. Beside this there is no option to for account verification…

  3. So Star Trek: Discovery is the best one yet, but I’ve watched every episode on this app and all of a sudden S04E03 and S04E04 when yoh click on video and hit play ot says cant play video. Why?? But yet S04E05 just loaded and plays. So can you fix those 2 episodes on the Google server so we can keep watching it since i cant skip those 2 and go to episode 5 lol.

  4. Hello guys. I am familiar with the app so I would normally sign in to the playstore first and then open the app.

    You’d then get a prompt to choose the gmail account detected on the device by Movie HD.
    Once I do this and go to try to watch this movie I’m getting “cant play this video”. It’s happening in everything I go to.
    I’m using H96MAX running Android 11. It just doesnt work. But it works on my device that runs android 7 and on the Nvidia Shield and other android tv boxes using even Android 9.

    Is anyone else getting this “cant play this video ” error? I need help please

    1. All I am getting is a “Loading” message and then nothing happens, nothing opens… it’s happening on everything I choose… thoughts?!?! It was working perfect last night and this morning nothing.

    2. Getting the same error using H96 Max box on Android 10. Works well on similar box with android 9 and on my phone on Android 10 as well. Very strange.

    3. I’ve got the same error on Android 11 running on X96. But able to run it just fine on mbox running Android 7.
      One work around is to click on the network icon on the top left and “cast to” KODI, that works fine for me. But I would prefer to use AM player.

  5. Hi very strong wifi but movie starts out playing perfect then picture and sound gets distorted can someone help me to sort this out.

    1. Hi the latest app version does not select movie from remote. You have to enter the cursor mode to select a movie. Which does not also work very well on Android TV. If add appear on home screen then you can go to movie selection otherwise not. Please fix the issue. This has made the app unusable.

  6. Hello i have a xiaomi mi box and recently installed the app. I installed the current software and also the am player.
    After playing around 2 mins the video starts to get choppy in all the movies. It starts ok then after 2 mins in it becomes to become choppy.
    My account is verified pls help dont know what to do anymore

    1. Problem is Android OS 9, I had same problem, possible solution is to downgrade the box to Android OS 8

  7. Video either doesn’t play for loads for ages then says it can’t play and says it can’t download. Any help is appreciated

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